Mojolicious 5.0 released: Perl real-time web framework


I’m excited to announce the release of Mojolicious 5.0 (Tiger Face).

It is named after the location of our very first Mojoconf, which has been a huge success and ended just a few days ago. The Oslo Perl Mongers have really done an amazing job putting it all together, and we would love to see this turn into a yearly event, so if you’d like to host the next Mojoconf in 2015, please get in touch!

The community keeps growing fast, and just a few months ago we’ve actually been the very first Perl project on GitHub to be starred more than 1000 times. On IRC we now see about 170 regulars and the mailing-list has grown to over 800 subscribers, thanks everyone!

There are many new features this year, for a quick overview you can take a look at the slides from my Mojoconf talk. Here’s a list of the highlights:

  • Redesigned: All new exception and not_found pages. (usage example)
  • Form validation: Simple and extensible. (example)
  • CSRF protection: You can’t have form validation without it. (example)
  • Template variants: When responsive web design is not enough. (example)
  • All new Mojo::DOM: With support for many different node types and new ways to manipulate HTML. (example)
  • New hooks: The framework got a lot more extensible with hooks like around_action and before_render.
  • SO_REUSEPORT: A new way to do zero downtime restarts and high performance web servers. (example)
  • Rotating secrets: More security without having to invalidate existing sessions. (example)
  • Non-blocking bridges: A new way to reuse non-blocking code. (example)
  • Cheap helpers: You can now have as many as you like.
  • Optional placeholders everywhere: Even at the beginning of your route pattern.
  • RFC 7159: Support for the new JSON spec.
  • permessage-deflate: WebSocket compression.
  • Minion: A new spin-off project, because every full-stack framework needs a job queue. (example)

And as usual there is a lot more to discover, see Changes on GitHub for the full list of improvements.

Have fun!

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